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Resurrecting In The Morgue!

It was on Sunday night that Gabriel Montoya Jiménez, 50, arrested in the prison center of Asturias, 'resurrected' after being found dead in a cell. 

Prison guards found Gabriel's absence when they were conducting a routine cell survey. The Spaniard was found unconscious, sitting in a chair and did not respond to the promptings of the guards.

Physicians were called to prison, who failed to revive the inmate. Jiménez was pronounced dead on the spot. Faced with this situation the standard procedure was carried out and the persons responsible for legal medicine were called to take the prisoner's body in order to perform an autopsy. 

The corpse was sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Oviedo, inside a bag used to transport the dead. When three doctors prepared to start the autopsy they heard noises coming from inside the bag.

Surprised, the doctors opened the sack and ran into the living individual. The causes of the temporary death of the prisoner are not yet known, but the Spanish police are investigating the case so that the 50-year-old man appears to have been dead for a few hours. 

The prisoner, accompanied by the police, was admitted to the Central University Hospital of Asturias.
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