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359 Uncaged Budgies at Home

Astonished officers from the RSPCA spent two entire days rescuing a staggering 359 uncaged budgies from a small house after the homeowner was taken to hospital.

The animal welfare charity is desperately trying to find new owners for the colourful birds, having been 'inundated' by the huge number of them.

The charity was called in to help after the owner of the budgerigars fell ill and was taken to hospital.

Three RSPCA officers turned up to the property expecting to find 200 hundred of them but were in fact greeted by 359 noisy and uncaged birds, free-flying around the small semi-detached house.

When they arrived, they were met with 'a sea of yellow, green, blue and white, with birds perched everywhere'.

RSPCA inspector Liz Wheeler said: 'We were expecting to find around 200 budgies but ended up removing 359.

'They were flying free around the semi-detached home so we had to use capture nets to safely catch them and remove them.

'When you entered the property there was a sea of yellow, green, blue and white, with birds perched everywhere.

'The noise from their tweeting and chirping was deafening.'
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