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Woman Dies After Butt Implants!!

A Colombian woman died after making silicone implants on her buttocks. Carolina Andrea Aguirre Castaño, 38, had surgery in a hair salon in Medellin. 

Carolina had implants in the tail, which were then injected with "An unknown substance." The girl wanted to "improve the shape of the buttocks" and so she decided to do the surgery, but opted for a place not licensed for this type of interventions.

The woman soon began to feel ill and the workers at the salon called an ambulance. Carolina was still dead on the way to the hospital. 

An investigation was opened by the Metroplitana Police, which said that it is already the sixth death case in cosmetic procedures in Medellin this year alone. The owner of the beauty salon has been detained and is on probation. The hairdresser and beauty salon was immediately closed.
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