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Survived After Getting Punctured By a Spear!

A man survived by a miracle after being punctured by a 182-centimeter spear in Anhui Province, China. Shocking images show the victim waiting to be treated at the local hospital, still with the object stuck in the back. According to the British press, the man was sitting in the car when someone threw the spear out the window and hit him in the back. 

The identity of the victim and the shooter, who is thought to be a murderer, is still unknown.

Police said the red spear - used for centuries by Chinese imperial warriors - was 182 centimeters high, but was cut to facilitate transport. According to witnesses, the doctors were hesitant to remove the spear from the man's back, fearing that the victim would bleed to death. 

Therefore, instead of extracting the object, they only shortened the size and transferred the individual to another hospital in eastern China.
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