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Shark Attack Filmed By Husband!!

Sarah Illig and her husband, Evan Carroll, from South Carolina, USA, had just gotten married and were on a dream honeymoon in the Caribbean. A diving adventure proved to be a nightmare when Sarah was attacked by a shark while her husband filmed. 

The two had gone diving and knew they were going to be near sand sharks, but he was assured the animals would not attack them. This species of sharks usually does not attack humans, except in matters of feeding or when directly provoked (with a pull in the tail, for example). 

The images show Sarah swimming among the fish when a sand shark, about 2 meters long, suddenly bites the young woman's arm. It panics and at some cost can pull the arm from the shark's jaws, swiftly swimming towards her husband. Sarah reports that initially she was not seeing the shark and thought it was a game of Evan. 

It was only when he felt a piercing pain and a sharp tug that he saw a shark clinging to his arm.

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