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Mexico City Clever Subway Campaign!!

The action is part of the campaign developed by the subway company of Mexico City under the name #NoEsDeHombres.

Time passes and many aspects of society seem to evolve, but some problems still present an alarming rate. A recent survey pointed, for example, that in Mexico City, 65% of women have been sexually assaulted on metropolitan buses or trains. 

Unfortunately, such a reality expands to other parts of the world. Based on these data, the city's subway company created the #NoEsDeHombres campaign. 

The idea starts from a very bold point: the installation of a seat that simulates the body of a man (including a penis) in wagons that can only be occupied by men. Of course, several passengers were surprised by the different seat and refused to sit. 

Others took a chance, but they felt uncomfortable. On the floor, a message revealed part of the purpose of the action. "It is uncomfortable to travel this way, but it does not compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their daily journeys"

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