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Giving Birth To a Tumor!!

Lauren Knowles, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, already had a child but dreamed of raising the family. She was glowing when, after several attempts to get pregnant, a pregnancy test turned positive. 

The pregnancy turned out to be a nightmare when Lauren discovered that after all she did not have a baby but a gigantic cancerous tumor growing in her womb. Everything was normal, but when Lauren was seven and a half weeks pregnant, she developed a series of blemishes through her body and suffered bleeding. Concerned was to do an ultrasound and what she discovered left her shattered.

She was told she had a molar pregnancy, a rare complication that occurs when the fertilization process does not go smoothly. The cells that would form the placenta developed abnormally and eventually formed into a heap of cells, which degenerated into gestational trophoblastic tumors. 

Usually these tumors are benign but, to make matters worse for Lauren, those who had were malignant and the young had to fight against a cancer in the worst psychological conditions. "It was horrible, I had a lot of pain and I remember that I went to spend my time with my son, Charlie, and when I pushed him on the swing, I looked down and saw a huge pool of blood. life, "Lauren recalls.
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