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Eating Own Mother's Ashes For Dinner!

Debra Parsons is going to eat her mother's ashes for Christmas dinner by putting them in peru and the dessert she will bring to the family. 

The 41-year-old British woman lost her mother in May and intends to do this homage on the first festivities without the mother to "get as close as possible" to her. "This is the only thing that will keep me going for my first Christmas without her," Debra told The Mirror. 

"People may think I'm crazy or that I'm not doing a very respectful thing but I can not stop. I see this in a positive way - letting her be closer to me and engaging her in this family day," she adds. Not knowing what she was going to do with her mother's ashes, Debra quickly brushed off the idea of ​​putting them in a place her mother liked: "I had to do something that would make a difference."

He put them in a box and took them home. One day he opened the object and dipped his finger: "Before I knew what was happening, they were in my mouth and the taste, something salty, was comforting." It was from here that the idea of ​​spreading the ashes on the Christmas dinner came. 

"I've eaten a little bit of it every day - sometimes with my finger, sometimes with a spoon," he said. Doreen, the mother, died in May from an infection that prevented her from breathing. This was the second tragedy in Debra's life that, on Christmas 1996, she lost her unborn child. 

"My mother and I had a very strong bond that can never be broken, nor by death. She was the only one who helped me in the ups and downs of my life," she concluded.
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