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Body Bag on the Street

A shocked motorist has described the moment he thought he saw a body fall out of the back of a hearse at a busy Auckland intersection.

The driver, who captured the macabre moment on dashcam footage, and a nearby petrol station worker told the Herald they believed a body was on the gurney as it rolled through the busy intersection.

However, the funeral company is adamant the body bag was empty at the time.

Dashcam footage shows a hearse with its boot flying open as it rounded a corner at the intersection of Sandringham and Balmoral Rds yesterday.

Following closely behind is what the motorist thought was a body wrapped in a black body bag on a gurney, which rolls through the intersection at speed before coming to a halt at the side of the road.

The hearse, its boot still open, pulls up in front of the gurney and the driver runs out with his phone pressed to his ear.

The driver then picks up the body bag and puts it back in the hearse.

He is helped by a passing motorcyclist.

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