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Abandoning Three Kids For Vacations In Spain!!

A 37-year-old english woman from Cheshire, UK, was sentenced to a year in prison after abandoning her three youngest children at home to go on holiday to Spain. 

According to court documents, the woman, a single mother, left her three children, aged 16, 8 and 6, alone for at least a week. The British Social Services received a complaint and investigated the case when the woman was still out of the country.

Contacted, the mother of the children refused to return, justifying that she was helping a friend in a bodybuilding competition and told the official who contacted her to keep him taking care of the children. 

When she returned, and pressed for the chance to run out of the children, the woman lied and said she had hired a mistress who never showed up. 

She was eventually convicted of negligence, child abuse and obstruction of justice. "This incident showed that you are a permanent failure in terms of parental duties." She violated her children's trust and then tried to cover up and lie about what she had done. vacation, indifferent to the fact that their children are alone, "said the judge responsible for the case.
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