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What are They Doing Wrong? - Video

We can't all be on top of the latest trends, but this determined couple certainly deserves credit for trying.

Standing at an airport, a slightly technologically-challenged couple attempt to take a cute pre-holiday snap - but it's safe to say that they've got the wrong end of the stick on this one.

The woman, who has attached her phone to the ever popular selfie stick, apparently didn't take the time to read the manual before throwing it into her carry-on.

As she cuddles up to her partner, she isn't holding the end so that the phone is further away from them - she is holding the end closest to the phone, making the gadget totally redundant.

Trying to help, the man can be seen grabbing the other end of the selfie stick to steady the phone as they snap some pre-holidays shots - and an amused traveller has captured the whole thing on video.

But as the pair cuddle up and smile for the camera, they both seem totally oblivious to their technological faux pas.

And it's not surprising - given her floral dress and the man's casual shirt, the two are probably headed for a romantic beach getaway, and have more important things on their mind.

However, it would seem after awhile they managed to get the hang of the gizmo, sitting in the departures area with their selfie-stick flailing in the air.
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