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The Most Expensive Potatoes Ever!!

A woman from Milwaukee, USA, wanted to take advantage of Black Friday's promotions to buy some Christmas presents. 

However one of the purchases made proved to be a big disappointment. The woman bought an iPhone 6, and when she opened the box, instead of the famous apple brand cell phone had ... potatoes. 

The woman says that a man with a truck was walking around the neighborhood. It had a banner and a poster announcing "Black Friday Balances".

"They had everything they could think of: clothes, shoes, watches, suitcases, DVDs, CDs, mobile phones and laptops. The seller tested the smartphone in front of the customer, who verified that the device worked normally. 

The man asked him about 85 euros for the iPhone6. The woman bought the iPhone and says the salesman turned his back to put Apple's phone back in the box. When she got home the woman realized that she had been the victim of mockery. 

When he opened the package, he discovered that the iPhone should have several pieces of cut potatoes. Still, the box contained a charger, but an Android phone.
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