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Still waiting for Prince Charming!

It may seem like a far-fetched fairytale but one woman has experienced a 'real-life Cinderella' moment after she lost a shoe at the spring races.

Meg Landrigan, from Melbourne, had borrowed a pair of Givenchy leopard print heels from a friend for the Oaks Day in Flemington on Saturday.

Appearing live on Sunrise, the woman revealed she had placed the designer heels into her handbag after switching them for a pair of flats.

But when she arrived home, she realised she only had one shoe - and if she doesn't find the missing heel, she will be set back $2,000 for the replacement.

'[I last remember seeing them] when I put them in the bag, to put the flats on to walk about 800 metres to the car,' she recalled.

'I don't know [how it happened]. I popped them into a big tote at the end of the day. I popped a jacket over the top.

And all I can think is it just hadn't gone in properly.' Ms Landrigan explained the heels have some sentimental value because they were purchased on a holiday with friends.
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