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Sawing Kidnapped Son In A Mall!!

A father happened to saw his son - who had been kidnapped nine months ago - while strolling in a shopping center in Qingxin, China. 

The child have been taken to the scene by the abductors to be sold to families that did not have children, authorities believe. The six-year-old boy was walking in the halls with three suspects when his father saw him.

He immediately alerted the authorities that they were able to save the child and arrest the three kidnappers. The boy disappeared in May 2016 and was found by his father in February of this year but only now the case and the rescue images were revealed. 

The child - whose name was not disclosed - was kidnapped in the family home when his father went to work and left him in charge of his older sister. 

The suspects, Chen, Li and Ou, were sentenced to effective prison terms.
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