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New Method Of Reading The Future!!

A Spanish psychic is being talked all over the world for practicing 'rumpology', a technique where one reads the future on the client's buttocks. 

Sandra Amos is a rumpologist in the United Kingdom and recently was the protagonist of a report by the journalist Antía Castedo, for the Colombian magazine Soho. The journalist wanted to know how this new technique worked and subjected herself to the woman's divining skills.

The rumpologist explained that "we all have the future written in the ass" and that each buttock works as a sort of encyclopedia of life. The right buttock, according to the seer, shows what is to happen, and the left refers to what happened in the past. 

The 58-year-old explained that she was born with the gift of reading the souls of people through the delineations of the tail and that she has the help of her three "spiritual guides": a North Dakota Indian, a doctor and a nun. The seer also says that she has been consulting for 18 years and that this practice is gaining fame.

Sylvester Stallone's mother also gives 'rumpology' consultations Jacqueline Stallone, 95, also says she can predict the future by reading the 'butt'. The actor's mother makes face-to-face consultations in Colombia and also allows him to send photographs through the site, Globo newspaper reported.
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