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He Thought He Was Cured of AIDS By Drinking Urine And Now He's On Court!!

A hairdresser was on trial last Thursday, in the UK, on the charge of infecting three men with the AIDS virus without warning them of the disease. 

Daryll Rowe, 27, said he thought he would be cured of the disease after going through alternative therapies. The man never took the medication prescribed by the doctor and decided to make his own medications after researching online. 

Rowe drinking her own urine, used coconut oil, vinegar and olive leaf extract usually used to treat herpes.

"I thought I was healed. I was way better than I was before," Daryll explained to the judge. The man had sex with at least 10 men after being diagnosed with the HIV virus. 

In court, the defendant said he had never used protection in his sexual acts because he was cured of the disease and said he had never intentionally transmitted the disease.
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