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Finnair Is Weighting Their Passengers!!

European airline Finnair began to weigh passengers before boarding. The company intends to weigh between 100 and 150 passengers on each flight, along with their luggage. 

And it says that there is no intention to penalize those who are overweight, but rather a matter of reducing operating costs. According to the company, the purpose of weighing is used to calculate the required amount of fuel for each flight.

"We want to make sure we have the best possible data at our disposal," said Sami Suokas, Finnair's customer manager, told the Helsinki Times. 

The weigh-in "is purely voluntary and anonymous, and only the customer service agent can see the result," P√§ivyt Tallqvist, communications director for the company, told The Sun Online Travel. 

On Twitter, the company announced that the weighing project should continue until the end of the year.
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