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Can't Have Friends Because She's Too Beautiful!!

Jane Curnow seemed to have the perfect life. However, this fitness model ensures that her beauty made her lose friends and pushed her into a depression. 

According to her own account, in an interview with an Australian media, she lost all her friends because they were envious of the attention she received from the male sex. 

The woman only realized this at the age of 40, when, after divorcing for the second time, she again made appointments with men and realized "all the attention" she received from potential suitors. 

It was there that, she says, she began to be abandoned by her friends. "The women were and still are very envious and resentful towards me but, in youth, I did not realize that the reason was my appearance," he confesses. "I lost a lot of friends and I always felt that it was my fault. I only realized what was happening in my midst, when many friends left me in bars because of the male attention I received," he adds.

At age 32, and after years of suffering from loneliness, she was diagnosed with depression, a condition she had to face for almost a decade. "As I reflected on my life, I became aware of the power of my appearance, but the feelings that resulted were not of happiness, but of immense pressure ... I wondered: if I'm as good looking as everyone else says, "Why am I so unhappy? Why do not I have a dream life?" he says. 

The conclusion eventually reached Jane, who changed her perspective and came to see life in a more positive way, using the will to maintain her good form as a weapon and becoming a bobybuilder, with the goal of inspiring other women .
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