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Can You Guess Where This Items Were Found?

An Indian man, 35, had 263 coins, 100 nails and dozens of razor blades in his stomach. Maksud Khan had to go under surgery because of the pain he felt in the abdominal area, caused by the seven kilos of metal he swallowed. 

According to local press, the surgeons who operated Maksud thought the man was suffering from food poisoning, and were surprised when they found 7kg of metal in his stomach. The man went to the hospital of Satna, in Madhya Pradesh, India, with sharp pains in the abdominal zone. The doctor who led the surgery team said that the "patient was complaining of stomach pains," and so they thought about having an endoscopy.

"We were shocked when we discovered coins, nails and nuts in Maksud's stomach," said Priyank Sharma, the doctor in charge of the operation, adding that he had never seen anything like it in his entire career. 

Maksud's family believes he developed the habit of eating metal pieces because of the depression he had been undergoing for some time. However, nobody knew about these dietary practices of the patient, who had complained of pain for three months. 

Doctors have stated that there will be no lasting damage to man's internal organs. "The operation was done at the right time, as some of the nails were already piercing the wall of the stomach, causing bleeding," one surgeon said. Maksud Khan told doctors he would never go back to ingesting metal.
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