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Bear Survivor Tells Story And Shows His Nose Growing!!

A man who suffered a gruesome attack from a bear and survived broke the silence and revealed all the details of the incident on a television show. 

Lee Brooke, 60, ran out of a nose after being attacked by the animal and now has the organ growing in the arm. In the television program 'This Morning', the American told how it all happened last year when he was on a hunt with friends in Wyoming. 

The man decided to go get a deer who had shot down and left his colleagues.

"I felt falsely secure, and I forgot the danger I could run in. I went back into the woods in search of the deer, I took no firearm with me, I had only a knife, and when I found it I saw that it was scattered and covered with branches and leaves and I suspected that something was wrong, "says Lee, who had a bear behind him unknowingly. 

"I heard a noise and as soon as I turned around I saw a bear that was protecting the offspring." Before I could take two steps, she grabbed me by the backpack and gave me several blows to the head. .
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