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Adriana Abenia Wardrobe Malfunction!!

It's the nightmare of many famous women: posing in the red carpet without realizing that she is showing more than she want. 

That's exactly what happened to the Spanish presenter Adriana Abenia, who was being photographed with one breast out of the dress without notice. 

The 33-year-old Spanish TV star was featured in the GQ magazine's Man of the Year awards gala and wore a bold lace and transparency model from the Juana Martin house with a pronounced neckline.

The dress left her underwear in sight and the hostess was not wearing a bra. It was even time to parade and pose for the photographers that Adriana surprised by appearing with a completely exposed breast and a nipple in sight. 

The photographers did not warn the hostess, who continued to smile, not knowing what was going on. 

Only then was Adriana warned and the expression of panic was also captured by the lenses of the photographers. She adjusted her dress and continued to pose for the pictures.
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