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Woman Writes Review Of Hotel Stay And Is Advice To Go On a Diet!!

One woman stayed at a hotel in Blackpool and was surprised after criticizing the poor conditions of her stay. The woman reviewed the hotel in a negative way and received an SMS from the hotel owner advising her to go on a diet. 

The woman booked a room at the Nelcon Hotel for two nights for about 42 euros to celebrate her second wedding anniversary. 

It was supposed to be a special date but Emily did not like the stay at all and decided to complain. According to the British newspaper Metro, the woman left a review on the Travel Booking website, rating the hotel with 3.8 points out of 10. 

"There was a horrible smell as soon as you entered the room, the shower was dirty and the towels too," Emily wrote in her review. The woman quickly got a response from the hotel spokeswoman.

"I can ask you what you expect to find given the price you paid," the estate agent said. "Most of what you complain about is not even considered to be of interest to me. I think you should be expecting a four-star hotel," he added. 

The owner of the hotel went further and decided to send a text message to Emily's personal cell phone. "For someone who has never been away from home, you do not seem to be very nervous, you actually seem to be being a nasty person.You should be on a diet. You must hate everything and everyone," wrote Mr. Evans, owner of the hotel. 

Later, he admitted that he sent the message after reading the criticism that was made to his hotel and added that it was all a "lot of lies".
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