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Twins Want To Share Everything, Really Everything!

Adel and Alina Fakhteeva are 22, Russian, twins and inseparable sisters, they want to find a husband in common. But there are two requirements... 

The young twins are currently in Kazan, Russia, where they have become known as editors of a fashion blog, but are willing to go to live in the capital, Moscow.

In order to "jump" and change their lives, the two 22-year-old brides have come forward with a tempting proposition: they want to find a "stupidly rich" and "open-minded" man who can "share" they do everything together." 

Upon learning of this case, former Kazan mayor Aleksandr Donskoy decided to help and said he would contact the Russian millionaires on the Forbes magazine list to tell them about the two twins. "I found it fun to help," the British newspaper quoted the Sun newspaper as saying.
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