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That's a Big Pumpkin

A Rhode Island grower set world records for heaviest pumpkin, longest long gourd and heaviest squash at a competition this weekend.

Joe Jutras, 62, smashed the giant squash record by growing one that weighed more than a ton.

His green squash tipped the scales at 2,118 pounds during a weigh-in at Frerichs Farm in Warren, Rhode Island, on Saturday.

The retired cabinet maker from became the first to break world records in the three most competitive categories.

Jutras is no stranger to breaking records. He won the title of largest pumpkin in 2007 and longest gourd in 2006.

This year's feat earned him a green jacket from the Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Association.

Jutras says it's taken a lot of hard work. He had to skip vacations to make sure the pumpkin got enough nutrients along with a daily ration of 150 gallons of water.
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