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Six Miles in One Day

A 70-YEAR-OLD tortoise made a dash for freedom – walking six miles in one day to his local zoo where a female had moved in.

The owners of the runaway reptile said they were shell shocked when they discovered Freddie was missing. Joanne Stanton said: “When we came back from work he was gone.

We have a fence around the garden and he must have bashed his way out.”

But he has since been reunited with his owners following a successful Facebook appeal and is now preparing to sleep off his epic June adventure – by hibernating.

 Freddie covered the impressive distance at an average speed of a quarter of a mile an hour.

He was found by a passer-by in a lane behind Jersey Zoo which had recently taken in Astrid, a 15-year-old female. But he was handed in to a tortoise sanctuary before he actually got to meet her. 

Joanne, 53, of St Mary, Jersey, described Freddie as a “typically slow” tortoise and is amazed at how much ground he covered.

She said: “He’s a typical tortoise – slow. He picks up a bit of speed when he sees a dandelion. Whether he had a few dandelions before he set off, I don’t know.”
Freddie has been in Joanne’s family for more than half a century. She took him in from her father-in-law three years ago.

The pet has form. It once went missing for a year so his address was painted on his shell. She said: “When he went missing my father-in-law painted his address on his shell.

Although it had worn off there were still specs of white paint on the shell which was how we knew it was him.”
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