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Nose Hair Extensions!

Chuck those tweezers and trimmers in the bin - nose hair is becoming fashionable. Maybe. It started with a post from an Instagram user named Gret_Chen_Chen who shared an image of herself wearing fake eyelashes coming out of her nose, calling them nose hair extensions.
She almost certainly did it as a joke, but playing around with nose hair seems to have caught the imagination of some people online. Of course, given the time of year, nose hair extensions could be a good, low-maintenance look for Halloween. As one beauty blogger pointed out, using eyelash extensions in your nose makes it looks like you have spiders or cockroaches crawling out of your face.

That said, we are definitely not promoting this trend. Nor are we suggesting you try it. We've got no idea what's in eyelash/noselash adhesive, nor do we know whether packets of eyelashes come with warnings about whether it's safe to have the glue or lashes in or around your nostrils. So far, we've only seen evidence of women trying out the nose hair extensions, though clearly shaggy-nosed men stand to benefit too if the beauty trend catches on.
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