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Leaves Ex's Mercedez In The Pool!

Guy Gentile, an American businessman, had three great passions: business, girlfriend Kristina Kuchma and his Mercedes S400. Now you have to hold on to business, because he has neither girlfriend nor car. 

It's just that Guy ended the relationship with Kristina and she avenged herself by driving the car into the 'ex' pool. 

Kristina Kuchma, 24, worked as a model, but with little success. He said he wanted to learn how to run business and business with his boyfriend, with whom he was a year and a half ago, and he had the idea of ​​starting a Marketing company, but he needed money and put a lot of pressure on his boyfriend to finance the start of the business.

On vacation in the Bahamas, the young American returned to the charge during a dinner and asked her boyfriend to offer her 50,000 euros to start her own marketing company.

It was the drop of water. "I told him 'You know what, you're talking to the wrong man. If you want a man who gives you money with a kissed hand whenever you want and for no reason, I'm the wrong man,' says Guy Gentile to New York Post. 

After the holiday was over, Guy wanted to arrange a meeting with Kristina at a local café to make sure they were friends. But the woman had other plans: she hoped the relationship would be resumed. As Guy denied, he got his revenge.
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