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Human Ken Does Huge Party And Almost Dies!!

Known as 'Human Ken', because of his appearance resulting from a series of plastic surgeries, Rodrigo Alves is back in the limelight by revealing to the Daily Mail that he has had a luxurious party with 134 people in a hotel suite in Dubai. 

In the statements to the publication, the Brazilian also tells that he had to be rescued by swimmers, after entering the sea completely drunk. 

The party, which ended up being interrupted by some of the hotel staff, counted on twice the expected guests of Rodrigo Alves, which forced him to pay a larger bill than he had expected.

"I organized a private party where I invited a few friends, celebrities and members of Arab royalty. In all, there were 50 guests, however, 134 people attended my party and left me with an account to pay 148,000 euros," he said the 'human ken' to the American newspaper. 

According to some hotel sources, the party featured DJs and performers playing live. The party was held in the Grand King Suite, one of the most luxurious and well-known in Dubai, where besides Rodrigo Alves, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Akon and French Montana were already staying. 

Hours later, as the party was over, Rodrigo was saved by a team of swimmers after entering the sea still under the influence of alcohol.
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