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Finding Winning Lottery Ticket Two Days Before Deadline!!

Jimmie Smith, a native of New York, has found an award-winning lottery ticket in an antique T-shirt stashed in the closet. 

The man managed to raise his $ 24 million - about 20 million euros - just two days before the deadline to claim the prize. The man explained, quoted by CNN, that he remembered the note when watching a report on television. 

The New York Lotto, which came out on May 25 last year, had been among a pile of papers accumulated in the garment. "I always said, 'I have to go and see when I have time,'" he recalled. Jimmie went to look for the ticket on May 23 of this year, two days before the deadline for claiming the prize to end.

When he saw the note, he did not want to believe it: "I was about three minutes thinking, 'Am I really seeing this?'" Smith, 68, is a retired security guard. He has been playing for more than 50 years in this lottery but has revealed that it is common to forget to check whether or not he has the right to a prize. You will now receive the amount divided for 26 years.
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