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Family With No Rules!!

A British couple will participate in a documentary, "Fare Families", where they will explain how it is to live "without rules" in a family with seven children. 

The only limitation children have is that they can not be hurt or lying. According to the Metro newspaper, the parents allowed the children - aged 1 to 13 years old - to get tattoos, play with knives and decide the time to go to bed. 

None of the children go to school, but are taught by parents and educators who do annual school checks.

The exams and the national curriculum are also not followed at the home of Gemma and Lewis Rawsley, but the delay of the education of the children does not worry the couple. 

Speaking to the Mirror newspaper, matriarch Gemma Rawnsley says "there are no borders for children, they can do whatever they want." 

The goal of this family is to let children enjoy life and make their own choices responsibly. Piercings, dyeing hair, eating what they want and when they want are some of the freedoms of these children.
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