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Constant Nosebleeds Had a Reason Afterall!

Xia, a 57-year-old Chinese woman, had been living for decades with constant nosebleeds and she doesn't knew why. 

It seems that as a child, the woman was bleeding profusely from her nose, but always believed that it was an extreme case of rhinitis, an inflammation of the nasal membranes. 

Now the woman finally consulted a doctor and discovered, to her surprise, that she had a tooth in the nasal cavity. Doctors were surprised by the constant bleeding that lasted about 50 years and decided to do the CT scan. 

The examination revealed a "high density mass in the right nasal cavity".

"We thought it was an object that had been introduced there, or a stone that she had put there and was lodged there," the doctors say. But the surgery revealed a much more unusual finding: it was a tooth that had been born in the patient's nose. It was complete, had crown and root. 

The tooth was removed and, in the early days, Xia noticed a relief of the symptoms.
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