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Catches a Plane To See Boyfriend But After All It Was Just a Game!!

A 24-year-old girl spent about 400 euros on a trip to Amsterdam to meet her boyfriend, 21, with whom she had a long-distance relationship. 

But to her surprise, when she arrived at the destination, she realized that she had always been in a game, her boyfriend had been playing "Pull a Pig". 

According to The Sun, the aim of the game is to win over the ugliest girl in a group. Sophie Stevenson lives in Manchester and had a long-distance relationship with Jesse Mateman, who lives in the Netherlands. 

The two made a meeting in Amsterdam, but for the young woman things did not go as planned. When she arrived at the airport, it was strange that Jesse was not there waiting for her and tried to call him several times, but without success. Sophie thought something had happened to her boyfriend and she walked to the hotel.

After hours waiting, the girl received a message that explained that she had been participating in the "Pull a pig", and that everything had not happened after a game. 

"When I saw that message, I was sick. I was in another country alone, and the boy I loved just left me," Sophie told The Daily Mail. "I replied, 'How can you be so cruel?' and he blocked me [in social networks], "added the girl.
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