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Blind After a 24 Hour Marathon!!

A 21-year-old girl became blind after a 24-hour marathon playing 'Honor of Kings' on her smartphone in Guangdong, China. 

According to international media, Wu Xiaojing felt he was losing his vision while playing. Upon being taken to the hospital, doctors diagnosed that the Chinese girl had a "central retinal artery occlusion," an extreme fatigue of the ocular organ. 

According to the newspaper Tecmundo, this diagnosis is common in the elderly and very rare in the young. Speaking to The Paper, Wu Xiaojing said he would wake up at 06:00 to start playing. During the weekends, the young woman confirmed to make prolonged sessions.

"I would take a nap at 4:00 a.m., eat something and continue playing until dawn. I was so absorbed in the game that I forgot to eat and take a shower," Wu Xiaojing said. 

The young woman, who is a financial student, said she was addicted to the 'Honor of Kings' game earlier this year. According to the 1News newspaper, despite being warned by her parents about the danger of being blind for playing so many hours in a row, she confessed that she could not stop. The 'Honor of Kings' game has over 200 million players in Asia and is expanding to western countries. 

A Chinese state newspaper even considered the game "poisonous" because it is addicting young people.
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