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Best Skin Treatment, She Says!!

Stella Ralfini is being talked all over the world. She is always impeccably arranged and has an incredibly luminous skin, which is worth several compliments. 

When she says that she's 70 yo, nobody believes, but it's true. The British sex therapist and 'life coach' now reveals that her secret is to apply her own urine as if it were a cream. 

The English woman discovered the practice during a visit to India. He developed a skin rash that disappeared and caused burning and itching. Advised to apply urine to the affected area, Stella was reluctant to experiment. "A doctor told me to try it, since nothing else worked out, but after a week I saw the results: the allergy disappeared and it never came back, I also noticed that my skin began to look better,"  said the sex therapist to the Metro.

The fire test arrived in April this year. Stella was diagnosed with a skin cancer that she has fully recovered. The rapid improvements, according to the English, are due to the healthy lifestyle and the regime of beauty that follows the strict, and that goes through the application of urine on the skin. 

"While I was doing the treatments, I continued to spread urine in the affected area. When I did the operation, it was a success, I can guarantee that it was my secret that helped the recovery so fast." People think it is a dirty thing and it is wrong. The urine can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, allergies and rashes, whatever the skin is, "explains Stella.
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