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Attacked In Prison With Boiling Water!

A man has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, raping and murdering a 13-year-old boy named Daniel Morcombe. 

The killer was attacked by a fellow prisoner, who poured a bucket of boiling water over him. Brett Cowan is 48 years old and is being held at the Wolston Correctional Center in Queensland, Australia. 

The pedophile was brutally tortured by fellow prisoner Adam Davinson, 30. Brett was attacked from behind while playing cards at the prison. According to the British newspaper Metro, the court found that Adam Davinson poured a bucket of boiling water over the pedophile and hit him with the bucket 'three or four times'.

Later Adam admitted the police were to blame and said he did not want to kill Brett, just intended to mistreat him. "I was the one who did it ... He was asking for them ... he is a piece of crap," the attacker said. 

Judge Ian Dearden said the pedophile was already being punished enough to stay for the rest of his life in prison, and that there was no need to be tortured. 

The court heard that Adam wanted to avenge the death of Daniel, the 13-year-old boy Brett raped and killed, and even quoted a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
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