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Adidas On Leg After Gym!

Eve, a young woman from Falkirk, Scotland, is living proof that one should be careful when applying self-tanning cream. 

The Scottish girl applied the cream and went immediately to the gym. After some time exercising, he decided to return home. Little did he know that he already had leggings on his legs, not as he had hoped. 

When he got home he took off his black leggings and had a mark outlined on the leg reading "Adidas".

The sun's rays went through the inscription of the mark, done in white and ended up being in the leg of Eve. The young person told in the social networks what had happened to him, saying that never again it exercised after applying cream autobronzeador. 

The Adidas brand did not hesitate to respond to Eve: "We would say that it is fate, to represent the three stripes, we are seeing you." This 'phenomenon' was not unique: after Eve told her story, two more girls revealed that exactly the same thing happened to them. 

The good news was for Adidas, which won free advertising.
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