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Young Man Had To Lick Drops Of Water On The Wall To Survive!!

A 19-year-old university student, Lukas Cavar, was forgotten inside a cave for three days, after being separated from the group where he was on a field trip. 

According to the Daily Mail, the Indiana University student was 60 hours without food, having managed to survive by licking drops of water from the walls of the cave. 

The young man was on a university trip to a grotto near the main campus of the University of Bloomington in the United States of America. The disappearance alert was given by the parents, says the Mirror, three days after the end of the trip. 

At that time, the group where Lukas Cavar followed during the visit went to look for him and eventually found him inside the cave.

According to the university's newspaper, Lukas Cavar realized that he was trapped in the cave when he saw that the exit was closed with a lock. The young man tried to call for help for hours, but no one came. 

The lack of a mobile network also did not allow the teenager to get in touch with someone on a mobile phone. The teenager was uninjured from the incident and did not need hospital treatment. 

About thirty minutes after the rescue, Lukas Cavar, through Facebook, said he was "safe and stable." "My biggest concern was not getting out alive, but I was afraid that I would never be able to see my family and friends again," he told Reuters.
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