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Steals Patrol Car After Getting Arrested!!

A woman arrested for theft at a Lufkin store in the American State of Texas was able to free herself of the handcuffs and steal the patrol car last week. 

The arrest seemed to be another routine case for Lufkin's police. A woman allegedly stole some goods from a store, eventually being handcuffed and detained by the authorities.

Once locked inside the patrol car, the agents began to search the bags for stolen goods, but the unexpected happened. 

The woman, identified as 33-year-old Toscha Sponsler, removed her seatbelt, freed herself from the shackles, sat in the driver's seat and ran off with the police car. 

For 23 minutes, Lufkin's police department chased the stolen patrol car and everything was recorded on video. 

The escape ended with the authorities immobilizing the car after a touch on the back of the vehicle had him spin. In addition to the accusation of theft, Toscha is accused of escape causing bodily harm and threat with a deadly weapon, since she tried to shoot the shotgun that was inside the patrol car.
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