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What Would Happen If We Drain The Mediterranean Sea? - Video!

Sometimes the world seems normal and boring. Other times, not so much. Sometimes, you realise it’s a place where mad sci - er, architects spend decades trying to implement kooky plans to drain the Mediterranean Sea and join the continents of Europe and Africa.

Atlas Obscura writer Toon Lambrechts dug up this fascinating, discarded, real-life idea, which makes an appearance in the 1962 Phillip K. 

Dick novel The Man in the High Castle (the book that inspired the Amazon TV series of the same name). As Lambrechts explains, the actual plan to drain the Mediterranean wasn’t a Nazi idea at all - though its designer was happy to pitch it to them once they took power. 

German architect Herman Sörgel first proposed the scheme in 1929, then popularised it three years later in his book Atlantropa. (Atlantropa was his name for the post-drainage Euro-African landscape.)
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