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Sleeping For Six Days With Wife Corpse!!

Wendy, a 50-year-old mother of two, had been fighting cancer for 10 years. Her biggest dream was to die at home surrounded by her family. Wendy's last wish was fulfilled and the woman ended up spending the last moments of her life at home in Derby, England. 

Now Russell Davison, the wife's husband, revealed to the Daily Mail that he slept for six days with the body of the dead woman beside him as a farewell. "It did not bother me to be with her in the same place, she was absolutely beautiful, as she had always been in life, in those days I could mourn and realized that life had to continue," the man reveals. 

Russell assures that some of the family members tried to stop Wendy from dying and being veiled at home because they thought this was a grim way of saying "last goodbye" to the woman.

Wendy lived 10 years, to the surprise of doctors, after being diagnosed with cancer in 2006, shortly after a couple's birthday party. The woman has always denied chemo treatments and bet on natural products. The couple cut into foods like sugar, fats and alcohol and went on to eat only organic foods. 

Although the disease receded, three years ago Wendy was informed that she would be only six months old. So she decided to leave with her husband in a caravan to visit several countries in Europe. He returned shortly before he died so he could leave in peace in his family's home.
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