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Selling Her Virginity At a Regional Newspaper!!

A young 18-year-old Ukrainian student has decided to put her virginity on sale in a regional newspaper. According to the announcement, the woman is looking for a real man who has sex with her for the first time and in return asks for about 1600 euros. 

"Sooner or later I'm going to have to stop being a virgin, so I prefer it to be a serious man than some 'baby' my age," Yulia wrote in the description of the advertisement she posted on the Torbinka newspaper's website "Virginity for sale".

The woman explained that despite having a boyfriend had not yet had sex with any man. Yulia asked the candidates to contact her via Skype to arrange the first meeting at a location of their choice. 

The woman added that she needed the money urgently, refusing to explain what it would be. Still, Yulia explained that she would not use it on futile and unnecessary things.
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