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Replaced Hand Fingers With Foot Fingers!!

Jeremy Payton, 55, replaced his hand fingers with his foot fingers after a tragic accident. The man feared to be "disabled" after cutting all the fingers of his right hand on an industrial machine. 

Jeremy underwent surgery, the doctors managed to attach three toes to the man's hand. Determined to have a normal life, Jeremy had to learn how to pick up a pen again and dig into the kitchen, such as peeling vegetables, which he did. The 55-year-old man was able to continue playing golf, which is one of his great passions.

"When I cut myself I did not realize how serious the situation was. When I looked at my hand I saw that my fingers disappeared," Jeremy said to the Mirror. 

The accident happened 17 years ago when Jeremy put his hand in a powder blender. The spinning blades immediately cut the fingers of the man's right hand. Later, Jeremy, father of three, learned of an operation that could help him regain use of his hand in West Sussex, UK. 

The doctors talked to the man about replacing the missing fingers with a few toes. Jeremy was initially a bit reluctant to the idea, however, the desire to be able to do some of the things he was private at the time made him accept the operation. The second and third toes of the right foot were removed and transplanted. The left big toe was used to replace the thumb.
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