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Purple Eye and Tears!

Catt Gallinger, 24, lost sight of her right eye after having a badly made tattoo. The model, born in Ottawa, Canada, is recovering from injuries. With this process, the young woman wanted to make the eyes whiter. 

According to The Sun newspaper, the model decided to share on Facebook the result of what she considered to be "a big mistake". In the published photographs you can see the young woman crying purple tears, a result of the chemical of the tattoo. 

Catt Gallinger spent hundreds of dollars on medical prescriptions and consultations in an attempt to heal the wounds.

However, the different treatments he did, began to remove his vision. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, while recovering, the model suspended the professional career. 

By sharing her story on Facebook, Catt Gallinger seeks to alert fashion professionals who take beauty requirements into account. The model decided to have an ocular tattoo because she believed she would look prettier. 

Doctors warned the model that she may lose vision in one eye due to her serious injuries, but she is hopeful that the surgery she will undergo may improve its visual condition.
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