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Playmobil Toy Instead Of Cancer!!

A 47-year-old British man, initially diagnosed with a lung tumor, had after all he had was a Playmobil toy lodged in the airways. 

Being a smoker, having a strong cough and nasal secretions were the reasons that led the patient to seek help in a hospital in Preston, England. 

In the first diagnosis, doctors found that the man had an "atypical mass in the lungs" and did not hesitate to think it would be a cancer.

But, after several specialized examinations, it was revealed that the tumor was after all a toy the man had swallowed as a child. 

According to experts, the object in question was a "Playmobil transit cone". The man told the doctors that he had received a set of toys from that brand, when he had celebrated his seventh birthday. 

The patient believes that he may have swallowed the toy, moments after receiving it as a gift. After surgery to remove the toy, about 1 centimeter, the man eventually became cured, without the symptoms he had described to the doctors.
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