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Permanent Erection After Surgery!!

A Croatian man has had priapism (a permanent and / or lasting erection, which causes pain and is not accompanied by sexual desire or excitement) after an operation to the nose. 

Neven Ciganovic, 45, explains that he planned to have a rhinoplasty to correct a deviation in the nasal septum in Iran, a procedure that was to be followed by British Channel 4 television. 

It was an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used that left him with a permanent erection. "The operation was not recorded, they only accompanied me in the consultations with the doctors.

That's when they gave me the general anesthesia that made the reaction," says Neven. Soon after the operation, priapism was diagnosed. Neven, who to be a model and has done more than a dozen plastic operations, hoping to have an international career as a model, had to be restarted, this time to the penis. "I'm basically living in the hospital in Belgrade since last Friday. 

I have terrible pains, but unfortunately, they give me painkillers, because it's not allowed in this case, so I still suffer, and I'll still have to stay here at least five days, "complains the Croatian.
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