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New Trend: Putting Glitter Where?!

Gynaecologists are warning against a bizarre new trend which sees women inserting glitter-filled capsules into their vaginas, concerned that it could have potentially dangerous side effects. An online retailer is selling controversial capsules designed to glitter-bomb your bits, proving that the unicorn trend has officially peaked. Essentially created to make your vagina look and taste better – because they’re clearly not fine just as they are - the Pretty Woman Inc website says that the capsules “just enough to make your lover feel that your Yara (water-lady or little butterfly) is what all vaginas are supposed to look, feel and taste like; soft, sweet and magical!"

According to the site they sold out of the 'Passion Dust intimacy capsules' in a matter of days. But, a growing number of gynaecologists are warning that this bizarre new trend could actually lead to a dangerous infection. "The vagina contains a delicate balance of good bacteria, which are there to protect it," Dr Vanessa Mackay, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) told The Independent.
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