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From Passenger To Taxi Driver In One Ride!

A young woman from the Philippines took a taxi, but eventually she drove the car to the destination, while the taxi driver slept in the back.

Cristina Tan was talking to a taxi driver earlier this Friday, and she learned that he was 70 and had to continue working to help his daughters. 

At one point, still far from the destination, the taxi driver asked Cristina to get out and get another taxi, since she was very sleepy and could cause an accident. Sensitized by the driver's age and history and not knowing if she would get another taxi there, Cristina volunteered to drive. 

Surprised by the proposal, the elderly man resisted, embarrassed, told the young woman on Facebook. But he finally accepted and gave way at the wheel. Shortly after sitting back, the man fell asleep "and even snorted"!
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