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"Driving" on the Roof of the Car - Video

This was, police say, on a real road in Bengbu, China, with an allegedly inebriated driver.

Footage posted by the Chinese People's Daily shows a man standing on the roof of his car, leaving it "driverless" as it rolls along a busy road on August 26.

The People's Daily says that the man even poked his feet back through the sunroof in order to control the steering wheel and rolled like this for some 600 meters, even going through a crossing.

However, when the police caught up with him, he allegedly jumped back into the driver's seat and tried to get away.

Self-driving cars, also known as driverless or autonomous cars, are banned on public roads in China, though some Chinese companies are testing their self-driving cars in California.

So it's unlikely this was technically a self-driving car. Rather, it looks like this driver got his regular car rolling and then climbed on to the roof for his performance.

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