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Disfigured Face After Tiger Attack!!

Hashmot Ali, 45, had his face completely disfigured after suffering the violent attack of a tiger in Bangladesh. The incident occurred 23 years ago, when the man worked as a fisherman and was surprised by the animal when lying on a bench in a forest. Since then, Ali, the father of three children, has lived on the fringes of society, ashamed of his face, constantly covering him with a handkerchief.

"I desperately need to correct the left side of my face.It's important for me to go back to a normal life and live with pride.I do not want to hide anymore," says Ali, who is now preparing to make a trip to Dhaka, capital of the country, in search of surgical treatment that returns the joy of living. After having already performed more than three surgeries, all of them unsuccessful, Ali has now found a new light at the end of the tunnel and believes he may soon regain his self-esteem. 

The case of Hashmot Ali was featured on the TV show "Body Bizarres", screened on the TLC channel in the UK.
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