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Died After "Jumping Out Of Hapiness"!!

A 32-year-old man died after being "jumped out of happiness" and falling off a bridge in Japan shortly after he had asked his girlfriend to marry him. 

According to authorities, the man was driving with his girlfriend and asked him to pick up the car when they were at the Irabu Bridge, which connects the Japanese islands of Miyako and Irabu. 

With the excuse of wanting to see the wonderful view, the man got out of the car and asked his girlfriend to follow him.

Immediately he knelt down with a ring and asked her to marry him. The woman said yes, and unable to contain her happiness, the man jumped up onto the railing with open arms, shouting to the World that he was happy. 

He lost his balance and fell to the sea, a height of more than 30 meters. The body was only found by divers seven hours after the tragedy. According to Japanese police, the man had consumed alcohol before traveling with his girlfriend.
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